About Jules Hart

Eye Goddess Films creates compelling documentaries that help promote greater understanding through storytelling.  By exploring such diverse topics such as women using drumming as a way to approach the divine; at risk youth creating a totem pole as a symbol of peace and healing after 9-11; and women struggling to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church; we honor both the individual experience and highlight the shared values that make us human.  This celebration of commonality and diversity helps bridge barriers that divide us, while facilitating an awareness of our interconnection with all life.  As the stories unfold we bear witness to the indomitable human spirit, and in this witnessing we are offered a chance at greater understanding, hope and healing.

Award-winning producer, director, and editor Jules Hart is the founder of Eye Goddess Films. Hart’s work has aired on PBS and shown at numerous festival venues including Action on Film International Film Festival; Vitas: A Film Festival of Contemporary Folklore and Popular Culture; the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival; and the Interfaith Film Festival. Hart’s films have covered a wide variety of topics including storefront churches, Latina healers, drumming as a spiritual practice, and art as a vehicle for healing. Most recently, Hart produced and directed Pink Smoke Over The Vatican, a documentary about women’s struggle to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church.


Hart has lectured at Antioch University, Whittier College, and at UCLA, her alma mater, on topics such as Film and Folklore, Women in the Arts, and Women and Religion

Rick Chelew has been working in the audio field for over 20 years. He is sought after for his creativity, critical ear and attention to detail. His producer credits include internationally distributed CDs (T-Bone Burnett, Bert Jansch, Pentangle, Elliot Weisgarber, The Cachagua Playboys). He has recorded, edited, and produced  audio recordings of  authors and poets including Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Marion Woodman.  His video and film sound credits include Return To The Amazon (Jean Michel Cousteau/PBS, 2009), Oceans and Glass (“Nature”, WNET, 2005) Candid Camera (CBS/Pax, 1997-2004), Great Books: The Grapes of Wrath (The Learning Channel), Anatomy or a Serial Killer (The Discovery Channel), Moving Keiko (National Geographic Films/Cousteau Productions), The Healing Pole (PBS), Lexus, Toyota, Yamaha, ABC Sports, Tech-TV, and The Golf Channel.  Mr. Chelew is also a professional musician and recording artist.